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Audiotex System: incoming calls are received by an automated system, like a telephone computer.

Operator-system: the incoming calls are received immediately by an operator.

Combined System: audiotex and operator system can be combined in any way.

Managing inbound calls For managing inbound calls, we have different solutions:
  • The Audiotex system

    The Audiotex system

    The Audiotex system allows to manage multiple concurrent calls 24 hours a day. The call is received by an automatic system, where after the welcome message according to the caller's own requirements buttons can be pressed to select the information they are interested in. The system allows for the playback of pre-recorded audio and the caller's voice messages by fixing it. Audiotex messages are recorded in the system for continuous processing or on demand provided in a written form are given to the Employer. The number of incoming calls (for each menu choice frequency number, etc.) regularly as demand summaries are made. When using the audiotex system the caller may wish to be put through to the system operator this way the operator can be combined with the audiotex application.

  • The Live-operator system

    The Live-operator system

    In case of the live operator system skilled operators inform the callers. The phone system constantly monitors the incoming calls and the number is put through to a operator group by taking into consideration the occupancy of the operators. This system provides a steady volume of calls depending on the operators’ activity.

    The operators work with the help of a planned and prepared computer interface and the quiery information or the data recorded can be used. The work of the operators and the quality of services are monitored and improved to ensure the constant quality of service.

  • The Combined System

    The Combined System

    Using the combined system, the audiotex and the live-line system can be combined . Usually, the caller receives an audiotex system where buttons can be chosen from the options listed. After the selection additional options can be chosen, or the caller can listen to a pre-recorded information text or leave a message or speak to operator. It is also possible that the coupling operator will ask the caller only if the automatic information was not satisfactory, or lost in the system auditex or​​a mistake has been made. The combination of the two systems, and the concrete system structure and the complexity of the service are only limited by your imagination.

  • Phone numbers

    Phone numbers

    The number can be arbitrarily a base rate number, a green or blue number and the duration can be permanent or temporary (campaign-related). When determining the number our customers can choose from among hundreds of phone numbers.

Outgoing calls For outgoing calls, we have different solutions:
  • Market and public opinion polls and surveys

    Market and public opinion polls and surveys

    It is possible to conduct a nationally representative survey, or plan to request a sample of computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) method. We offer a full service package including the preparation of the questionnaire, data processing to make studies and also to hold presentations.

    Our main application area for the current social, political and economic events is associated with rapid surveys of the classical areas of market research (product advertising awareness, competition, market analysis, etc.).

  • Follow-up


    DM campaigns, invitations, telephone follow-up services. After the alleged receipt of letters that have been sent in a direct mail campaign we inform the recipient relying on the contents of the letter and discuss the dates. The DM campaign can be optimized if the transmission is preceded by a phone call, which means that a target group will be formed, and the track of a DM message will be prepared. After the receipt of the letter and advise the recipient an ‘old acquaintance and we conduct the campaign.

    Invitees to different events, conferences, product demonstrations are called and answer their questions, we also carry out the registration and inform invitees about the details.

    In case of certain services and products (e.g. car purchases, service, great value, unique everyday objects), we find customers, and ask them to fill in a satisfaction questionnaire over the phone. This way the service provider will receive a continuous feedback about the quality of services.

  • Direct sales

    Direct sales

    Direct retail sales calls can be performed in the framework of promotions among the population calls, or business-to-business promotions. The campaigns involving the population are usually sales via the telephone, while the business-to-business campaigns are based on calls where we make appointments for the sales representative of the employer. Natutrally, the target group is determined and we also provide help with implementingthe related database-marketing tasks.

  • Database construction

    Database construction

    The acquisition of certain target groups relevant to the data - we are looking for persons targeted in the calls, who meet the predetermined criteria (demographics, etc.), and those who contribute to their data being used by the Employer later.


    • conducting DM campaigns
    • other types of direct requests
    • conducting telemarketing campaigns
  • Automatic Outgoing Calls

    Automatic Outgoing Calls

    In a short time, a lot of people can be reached with the automatic outgoing calls. We play a short, straightforward pre-recorded message. Applications: campaigns; companies, municipalities Christmas, Women's Day greeting.

Our company also deals with labour hire clients who provide the technology level, but the human resources are not or only partially resolved. For them we can provide human resources with superior communication skills and knowledge in different systems.

Campaigns designed on demand in all areas where it is important that the subjects achieved a multitude of people in a short time, or by using specially trained operators to perform such tasks, which replace the Employer's work. Of course, the service areas described above can be combined, and the group is open to any kind of action plan and will carry out direct marketing.